Food today

I mentioned we went to the vet today. We got stuck in traffic (three car accidents on the same road) and were 40 minutes late. Probably five of those minutes were spent on me getting lost. Anyway, we did something we very rarely do.

We ate out. At a fast food place. It cost $18. For three people!

I was shocked. And felt gross afterward. I have been drinking tons of water today and finally, after dinner, feel better. We eat fast food *maybe* once every two months. We just don’t eat out.

But I did go grocery shopping ~ spent $211. I did great considering I didn’t take a list with me. I only forgot dishwasher soap and I only ended up with four extras, not a big deal at all. We will have to go back sooner then later for milk because they didn’t have that much there.

I am still interested in finding a meal planning service. Or take a day and do a lot of cooking and just have to reheat. A couple of weeks ago we did that and it lasted a few days, so we know it’s good and it works.

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