A Holiday Gift for Me! (ask for that discount!)

This past weekend we went out and about finishing up our holiday shopping. I have still stuck to my list and we were looking for the little things that I needed – mainly, cookie decorations for the family gifts.

We stopped at Ross’ – and say what you will, but that is a great store. I have always been a price tag checker and one to figure how much you pay per item/ounce/etc. to make sure I am getting a good deal (often the smaller package is the better deal!).

My hubby wondered down the aisle in our Ross store that had boxes, containers and jewelry boxes. We have been sort of looking for a new jewelry box for me for the past few years. He bought me a nice one with an engraving and when my daughter was a baby, she pulled it off of the dresser and the lid broke. So it can’t close. Anyway, we look but rarely find anything we both like – and we’ve just never liked it enough to buy it.

So we are at Ross’ and he finds a jewelry box that he really likes and calls me over. He’s one of those shoppers who looks at the prices too and likes Ross’ because they show you the retail (how they get that number I have no idea) and then the “Ross price” (I’m thinking about Friends way too much while I am writing this!).

The Ross price was $60, the retail price was $125. And okay Ross items are not in absolute perfect condition when it comes to their furniture type items. So the jewelry box had a scratch on the side of two of the drawers and a nick on the top. Since it was the first jewelry box that we both agreed on, I said let’s just ask for an additional discount. We find an assistant manager who after a few minutes of inspecting the box (really, did it need to take that long? It’s a jewelry box!) said she could sell it to us for $40.

We did buy it though I have yet to put my jewelry in it. I know that as adults the gifts are rarely a surprise – or is that just my relationship? LOL – so I think I will have the kids wrap it and I’ll open it on Christmas.

I’ve never been one to be afraid to ask for a discount and this was one of those times when it paid off!

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